Why us

As former Zendesk® Employees and Software & Technology veterans with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, we have been involved in dozens of IT, CRM and Zendesk® projects for companies of diverse sizes and industries.

By onboarding with us, you also benefit from a deep knowledge in Service and Sales Automation, a good understanding of back office systems, and a pioneer experience in enabling business applications to send outbound messages (notifications) through WhatsApp and other social messaging apps.

Beyond Zendesk® and the access we have to their employees as a specialized partner, our network also includes valuable contacts at:

  • Huge Tech corporations like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and Salesforce
  • Niche consulting partners of bots, RPA, Ecommerce, IOT, telephony systems, BPOs, etc.
  • Other Finance (ERP), Ecommerce, Customer Experience (CX) and Human Capital Management (HCM) vendors

We are obsessed with helping you improve your Customer Experience through an effective Zendesk® onboarding that includes best practices, hands-on training for Agents & Admins, and apps & integrations development around and beyond Zendesk® if required.

As a result of our focus on Zendesk®, we are certified in Zendesk® Support and Zendesk® Sell, have published several public apps on Zendesk®'s marketplace, use Zendesk® internally, and are one of the first partners with Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations projects, being also able to demonstrate how notifications of WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps are sent.

Advanced Zendesk Partner Badge

Web and Front End Development

We build web & mobile apps as requested by our client, adding our expertise to make the idea even better.

If you have a digital dream, we can make it true, no matter the scope and size. Just let us know.

Based in Madrid (Spain), we are one of the few Zendesk® specialist partners in Europe. Delivering our projects remotely and providing good value for money for our consultancy services, you can also rely on us to assess your Zendesk® configuration and workflows, and the overall Information Technology Systems related to your customer-focused departments.

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